Saturday, August 1, 2015

Manual Labor

So, I just answered a question I posed to myself a couple of posts back: No I hadn't posted the pictures of when Jake helped Papa G build their deck.  Here they are now!

Not much work was done before there was a true need for a swim break at Aunt Sheila's pool.

There was a race...

..that Jake won because he forgot to mention it was a there and back kind of race.
And you can't go swimming without making sure you can rescue yourself, if needed, with a flotation device you make out of your swim shirt.
Then it was time to get serious...kind of...and get back to work.

And then we brought in the big guns.

The next day, after helping Papa again we headed for a different pool after (Ethan's) as a reward for all the hard work. If only every work day ended with a dip in the pool!  Some day...maybe? I am keeping the dream alive!