Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Powells Arrive

Greenville/Spartanburg Airport is a cute little place.

We found where the Powell's would be coming in and waited and prepared for some great "here they come down the stairs/escalator" pictures.
But we didn't take into account that they would have the stroller.
It was kind of anti-climatic...
..but just for a minute!

When we got back to Nee and Papa's everyone settle right in and enjoyed the company.

And a snack you can't get in Bolivia.

That night was Activity Day Girl's and Scouts, so Anika and Same came along.  Saku came along too but left early because he got stung by wasps on the lip and hand and with his allergies it was better safe than sorry to head.
The ADG's had a fun Daddy and Daughter activity with water games.
The Scouts continued learning fencing and swords play (the guy on the right actually taught them how to actually use a sword.  Real techniques and the guys love it!) and Sam was happy to join in.  This was the 2nd time Jake had done it and was happy to learn more.

That's a lot of pictures but you should have seen how many I deleted!  It was pretty cool to watch and even more fun for the boys doing it!  And to think this all happened the very day the Powell's arrived!