Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Father's Day (was a long time ago)

Aaron got a new pillow just like the one he gave me two Christmases ago and he has been coveting ever since.  Just tonight as he went to bed (at 9:45 because he was so tired and I wasn't so I am still up blogging.  This happens every time he goes to bed before me.  It is almost 1:30...) and I handed it to him with a fresh clean sheet on it (I am changing the sheets a day early that is how on it I am this week!), he mentioned it was the best pillow ever.  You're welcome.

The Primary kiddos colored on hearts so we could "heart attack" the Bishops door since he is the Father of our Ward.

I took this picture as I was leaving the church on Saturday night after decorating the door.  It turns out that very night you could see two planets...and I should really know which ones they are but I don't because it is past 1:30 am....

I snapped this picture (that same Sat before Father's day so it still pertains to the overall theme of this post.  I am sure I was there to pick up some F.D. treat) because I am sneaky like that. It reminded me of when I worked at Bi-Lo.  We (the taxpayers) paid for her food.  She paid for the beer that you see on the bottom of her buggy. 

We made some banana bread and muffins for Daddy, because he always asks when I am going to make some.  And for Papa Harmon for Father's daybecause they are is favorite.  We made regular and chocolate chip.

Sadie had to check and see if we needed any help. 

He got a Star Wars shirt too!  That of course makes him extremely happy because you can never have too many.

And it came in the Star Wars bag so that is a bonus. Oh look the shirt behind the new shirt was a Star Wars shirt.  Surprise, surprise! :)

That was after church but before we had to take this boy to Scout Camp.

It was 72 million degrees out so I am surprised they would pose for a picture.

And one more because I loves Jake's smile in it and Aaron's eyes are closed, so it's a win-win.

72 million degrees I swear. 

Holy cow they are adorable.

I just kept taking pictures because I already missed him...

That towel keeps you cool when you wet it.  This picture again proves that it was HOT.  It may have even been 73 million degrees.  No joke-it was so hot that the side of my calves burned from the heat coming off the black top and we were only out there for maybe 15 minutes. I am dead serious.  I had to get up in the night and put aloe on my legs.  It was crazy hot people!!

After Jake left we headed over to my parents for dinner and I didn't take any pictures at all.  Probably because one of my favorite faces wasn't there to photograph....and I forgot bring my dad's gift (we dropped Papa Harmon's off after church before Daddy got home and before taking Jake to the drop off) so that is okay.  I think I took pictures of him opening it the next day...I will see it as I write the other posts from a month ago that I haven't posted yet! :)