Monday, July 20, 2015

While Jake was at STEM Camp I....

 ..accomplished much less than I should have.  I drooled over school supplies because I am an addict.  I love it all...and I have a huge supply of anything you would ever need to show for it!  I held back and only bought index cards, poster goo, and a binder that came with dividers and a clear pocket with a button, that was only $2.50!!!..That was at Walmart.

Backpacks I like.

A backpack my dorks guys would like. :)  It even made R2D2 sounds.  And there was a lunch box and water bottle that you could buy to match. Don't worry I didn't buy it.
I did buy a few more things at Target...Red grading pencils!  Who doesn't need those???  Star Wars folder for $1, graph paper, post it note little tabs...These were definitely all needs.

I watched and episode and a half of Poldark.
 And of course I had to go to Barnes & Noble on Tuesday and pick up Go Set A Watchman so I could spend the whole day reading it. :)  Which I did.  I stopped only to go pick Jake up from STEM Camp,  to make and eat dinner with the family and hang out a little.  After that I got back to reading and I was done by about 9ish.  Here's is what I wrote about it on Facebook the day after, since I am too lazy to think too much about it right now. :)
"In case you are wondering, I finished Go Set A Watchman yesterday. It is only 278 pages and Jake was at STEM Camp....Read it people! It makes you think. Really think...and cringe, and laugh, and get really, really angry! They say it is a very lightly edited rough draft. It is, but it is better and more smartly written than lots of completely edited and raved about books. It isn't the Atticus Finch we know and love...but there are parts that are. He is proven imperfect and that is really one of the points of the book. I loved it! I hated it! Just like I thought I would. But what it all comes down to is: To Kill A Mockingbird was inspired by this book-so how can I really hate it? I will read it again...very soon I think." Nothing like quoting yourself!  Do I even have to use the quotation marks?  Hahaha!

I did a little cleaning and organizing.  I started small and hit the freezer.  This is the before...I know it is ridiculous.

Here's the after. It is so pretty.  I used clothespins to hold the things in the door.  Pretty genius if I do say so myself.

I also decreased my wardrobe by about half, since that is all of it I ever wore any way and got rid of some of my old bags/purses.  There are going to be some happy plus size ladies at Goodwill! And I worked in the Man Cave which has become some what of a wreck...I started to organize the closet in there (which is full of "stuff") a couple of months ago.  I never finished.  I am working on it...We have too much stuff...which I am also working on.  Home organization is an ongoing, never ending process...Luckily I like to work on it every now and then. :)