Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#HubCity #LoveWhereYouLive

When Allen met up with the rest of the Powell's in Sparkle City we decided it was time to show off the town and he wanted to go to The Beacon.  We went there for breakfast but Sam decided to skip right to lunch and try an "A Plenty".

Now they can say they have been there and done that!  It is really a legendary place to go more than being a really amazing restaurant. It is good a couple times a year because the grease will kill you if you eat it more than that!

Next we headed downtown to take in a few sights. Hub City is a bike friendly town.  We didn't rent them we just played on them for a few minutes.

But lets not get crazy here!  It was hot and we needed to take an epic "Love Where You Live" picture.
But first lets take a minute to check out Old Glory and the SC state flag, which is the coolest state flag. No offense to the 49 other states, but seriously you know ours is the best.
                     Oh wait!  One more of all the grand kids for Grammie/Nee.
Here it is.  I love this wall.  I really need to take my little family and get a picture in front of it.

And then, in slow motion...as you look at the next few photos, is the epic jump.

 I love you Sam, but I am sorry to say you were being a PTPP.  Everyone else was feeling it though.

 And of course the jump is followed by the automatic "look at each other and laugh" pictures.
I want to give a shout out to the genius who made the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone so amazing that it can take burst shots and really capture the moment.  And thank you Spartanburg for being so cool...but really, unbearably hot at the same time. :)