Monday, July 20, 2015

FHE: 7/20

Homemade peach cobble (my first from scratch because I am not a cooked fruit person) and Meet the Mormons.

I couldn't decide which picture to post.  The one with the peach cobler in focus or...

...the one with Meet the Mormons in focus. I posted both.

The guys liked the cobbler.  I think it needed a few more peaches...and some ice cream.  Meet the Mormon made me cry again.  I love it.  I love being Mormon.  I love FHE.
And since I didn't post it last week (and haven't really all year long...) here is what we did last week:

Scripture Pictionary.  It rocked.

                                                                       The End. :)
 I should also mention that we had leftovers for dinner the night of Scripture Pictionary.  Why should I mention this you ask?  Because I took a picture of it, because it made me chuckle.  Tacos and pastat with spaghetti sauce. :)