Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This happened a couple of weeks ago

It had been a while since I took Sadie to pick up Jake from church on Wednesday night. All it took was me saying lets go get Jake and she was at the door. I am sure Sadie (and Daisy. And Emily) understands most of the English language.  If she is outside and I am doing the dishes, I on occasion will scrape some food in her bowl.  When she comes in the back door and starts to walk in to the other room, I tell her too look in her bowl and she runs back over to it.  She is a genius.

Here is what I am sure Sadie is thinking: "Are we there yet?...How about now?"

When we get there she looks directly at the door...

"Where is he?...Where is he?...Where is he?"

....and waits.

"Seriously.  Where is he?"

And then she leans forward-because she sees him!

"Wait!  Is that him? Yes, yes, yes, it is him and he is smiling so I know he still loves me and didn't mean to abandon me for the past hour and 43 minutes!"

At home while he is drinking some water she leans right on his leg.  Because he has been gone for almost 2 hours and that is too long for him to be gone.

"I am so glad you are home.  So glad.  I am so glad!"

"Your moving!  Where are you going?  Can I come with you? Don't leave."

He is supposed to be getting ready for bed but since Sadie will not leave him alone, a cuddle session had to happen.

And then, after a few minutes, he has to get up to get ready for bed.

"Wait!  Where are you going?  Can I come? I love you."

She is adorable and she loves her boy.