Monday, July 20, 2015

The Ultimate Technology STEM Camp...

...was AWESOME!

 Day 1: They met the robot, Noa, and created an app.  They got a t-shirt, a drawstring backpack, a 32 gb flashdrive,  and a cool lanyard. Jake said it was all awesome and he couldn't wait for the next day.

Day 2: They learned about 3D printing and the created something to be printed. One of the teacher said this group of kids was smarted than the first group because Jake's group got done early every day and had time to delve deeper, and hang out a little. They, Spartanburg Community College, offered this camp in June and July. Did I mention it was only 12 kids?  There was a waiting list and it makes me wonder how many kids applied. It was such a blessing for Jake to be able to go.  We paid $50.  I was told if the College didn't get sponsors it would have been a $900 camp!

Day 3: They learned how to program a robotic car...that had their name inscribed on it...and that they got to keep!!!!  They were told that the kit the got cost about $120.  Jake wanted to look it up because the Professor told them about things you could get to add on and program.  Turns out it is a $160 kit!  Talk about a happy and lucky kiddo!  Jake said that all the campers wished they could just go to STEM camp every day.

Day 4: They got to use Industrial Robots!!! And they had an open house for us to go and see what they had done all week. They are going to put pictures online so I will post more pictures when I get them.

Sadie was not to sure about the robotic car when Jake came home on Wednesday.

It has these antenna's that bump into stuff and then it backs up and goes a different direction.  The kit also came with sensors that Jake will add and program it.  Jake already programmed it to do a maze but he is going to do it again at home so we can see it.

Sadie needed attention from her boy after he was gone all day long (for the 3rd day) so she cuddled right up.  The car was still making its way around the dining room. Little did Sadie know it was about to run into her tail (you can tell Jake did by his devilish grin)...She was out of there as soon as it did!
 This is Jake with his 3D printed sphere with shapes in it.  He said it was really hard to design but I think he did a pretty awesome job!

At the open house we got to see Noa do his stuff.  He is the same type of robot we go to see at Roper Mountain Science Center earlier this year.

That is Nana in the background.  Aaron met us there and Papa Harmon and Nana got to go to the open house too.

STEM Camp was such a wonderful opportunity for Jake.  He loved every minute of it!  I wonder what Jake's children will do when they go to STEM Camp...Hoover boards maybe?