Thursday, March 12, 2015

This week so far...

    Did you know you are allowed to fly RC helicopters in Nee and Papa's house? 

And while we are looking at the guys flying the helicopter we can also check out the gorgeous new laminate wood floors that they had put in!
I noticed on Monday at co-op that almost all the vehicles in the parking lot were Suburbans, minivans, and other SUV's.  Not surprising for a Christian homeschool co-op that is only a handful of families that add up to be a lot of students! Our Jeep is one of the smaller vehicles.  I guess our new (to us) Ford Fusion (more on that after we actually get it next week....!) will be out of place but I don't mind at all.   :)

I don't mind dusting but I often face some causalities because I am clumsy.  My "when pigs fly" pig was my latest...but he will survive.  Super glue is a magnificent thing.  Sorry pig. 

Why yes I will open the windows because it is so nice outside...for two days in a row (today was humid but it cooled off after the rain).  Hello spring my dear friend!  I hope you stick around for a while because although I am ready for winter to be over I am not ready for offense summer.

Well played Kraft macaroni and cheese.  The Star Wars movie doesn't come out until December but you already have us hook, line, and sinker with your Star Wars boxes....
...and your pasta that slightly resembles Yoda and C3PO (and other Star Warsy type shapes) but tastes kind of gross and mushy.
Ignore my crazy hair (and face) but we had to document our first meal of 2015 in the sun room.

Another good grade in math!  But mostly I just had to post this picture to remember that this paper was on the floor and Lucy walked over it with dirty paws.  There was a whole lot of doggy prints going on! :)

I saw this bumper sticker and knew my guys would enjoy it.  It says, "Honk if you have to Poop".  Some of you will chuckle, while others will roll your eyes.  I did both. :)  I should have known that Aaron would ask me if I honked.  No I did not, but he would have.

At 7 something the other night Jake was, by choice, reading about black holes, dark matter, and dark energy in an Astronomy book.  I love that. :)
                                                               And I love this face.