Monday, March 23, 2015

"I'm so fancy,"...

 ..."but you already know".  In twenty years we can goggle that song and get a kick out of it!  We are feeling pretty fancy in our new to us Ford Fusion.  It is a 2012 and at 51k miles it has 200k less miles than both Burt and The Beast (they are both over 250k...You're welcome if you struggle with basic math). 

That is a lot of fancy right there...

And there are 6 cup holders!!!  The Jeep had zero cup holders...Aaron finally said I am a true Southerner now because I have to take a drink with me every where I go.  I need to stay hydrated what can I say.  And now that he has said that he can never take it back.  I am Southern y'all!

I drove it home from picking it up from the Martin's (we bought it from Jeremy's parents who live in Gaffney) and we picked up Jake.  Aaron drove it over to show Mom and Dad.

It is really pretty.

And fancy...Did I mention fancy?  On the way over to my parents I called my mom, hands free through the blue tooth.  

Dad wasn't there but Jake and I drove by the next day to show him.

The trunk is pretty big!

Everyone was enjoying all the fanciness..

The Beast has been retired to outside the carport.  

 This is love people!  We took Sadie on a ride the next morning and she approves.  The interior is black so her dog fur is camouflaged. :)

It has a fancy sunroof too.

We used the cup holder for the first time that day too.  It was St. Patrick's day and I was getting a head cold so I was opting out of our traditional green eggs and ham.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that Chick-Fil-A made it all better.

One more thing...our new car is fancy.  Sorry for bragging. :)