Tuesday, March 31, 2015

North America

I guess I was asleep during geography class because I had no idea how many countries their are in North America.  Jake is kind of loving geography and the amount of information he retains kind of amazes me (I shouldn't have said that because now people will quiz him.  I never quiz people's kid that go to public school but for some reason people feel the need to quiz homeschoolers).   I went a little over board at first thinking he had to learn all the Bahama and Caribbean islands and then I realized I have survived with out knowing them this long, so I am sure he will too.

Jake is tracing the continents so that he will be able to free hand the world by the time he is done with all the continents (and the new ocean-the Southern Ocean...when did that happen?).

I am excited for when he draws the whole world so that I can frame it and put it on the wall!  
He was pretty proud of how it came out and I am too.  I photocopied so that he can fill it (that is the best way to learn the countries-fill in a map a ton of times...at least that is working for Jake!).  Who knew geography was so cool and fun?