Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Last week...

On Sunday we had dinner at my mom and dad's and then we played Settler's of Cattan.  It ended up being very competitive...We are calling it a draw because we had to end it to be able to make it home in time for the season finale of Downton Abbey. 

At co-op we are doing some cool things with value.  Jake did a great job with his "gem" project.  We learned how to use value and shading to make a gem look 3D.  All thanks to Pinterest and water color colored pencils.

We decided Jake is going to get an allowance.  He has chores he has to do every day and then he has money chores. 

I even typed up a list of morning, afternoon, and evening chores (since I am tired of telling him to do them) and laminated them.  The money chores are extra chores I add in.  They end up being things that I just don't want to do, like cleaning blinds.  I haven't had him do that yet.  I will have to remember that one.

 Jake had to break out the Math dictionary you got him Aunt Tina!  The only help I can (really that I want...I am sure I could figure it out if I had too) give him is too look it up and tell him if his answer is correct.

Jake slept in until 8:30 and was rewarded with breakfast in bed because that means I got to sleep in until 8:30 without feeling guilty.

*I finished the Walk series by Richard Paul Evans.  I read the others about 3 years ago and had to wait for this one to come out...I waited longer than I needed too because it came out the beginning of last year. I knew I just had other books to read...and another year went by!  It was a good ending to a good series.  I can't really think of another adjective for it right now.  The books are all quick reads and are really...good.  I have no idea why that is that best I can come up with right now but that is all I've got.  They are fun little reads!

The Pinewood Derby was last Wednesday and it is always a fun time!  Jake is too old for it of course, but I am the Primary President so I am still involved with Cub Scouts.

Homeschooling...we never seem to finish it all but some times it feels like all.we.are.doing.  

 Jake was happy to get a 100% on his Algebra.  He was having a tough time with some of the more recent things he has been covering...I don't really know what it was because I don't have too!  Aaron helped him and he gets it. 

Jake spent the night at Nee and Papa's last Thursday night.  Nee thought it was winter and Jake thought it was summer. :)

The last two weeks we have had a trail of towels in the sun room and into the kitchen to stop all the muddy dog prints (times 3) because it has been so rainy.  Sadie thought it was for her to lay down on.  She doesn't always eat all her food so she decided she needed to lay in front of her bowl to guard her food from the other dogs who might want to finish it off for her.

Jake asked me to make a Lego mini figure that represented me.  Turns out the bag is actually an action figure (Star Wars) accessory but it was in with the Lego's and Jake agreed it worked for me.  

Jake took a little longer to put his fact I don't think he even finished his before Aaron got home.

He has a lot to choose from...this is just a random container.  He has one that is supposed to be for mini figures but that kind of organization doesn't really happen with Lego's.  At least it doesn't stay organized.  I have tried several time and decided to give up.

Decisions, decisions....

The more I looked the more I realized this really is me (lots of mini figures have two faces that you can switch around)!  This is me on any given day when we should be done with school but aren't because someone I know (Jake) gets easily distracted.

While Nana and Papa were on their cruise, Aaron's car didn't want to start (long story short: he was at the office, tried to start car but it wouldn't.  He used one of his parents car.  The next day his car started with no problem.  He thinks it was the anti-theft, which had been blinking, finally giving up the ghost.  When it thinks you are breaking in the car won't start....) so he borrowed "Big Red" (Nana's old Explorer) and when we went to drop it back off Aaron noticed a small river going down their front yard (I admittedly didn't even notice it).  There was a busted pipe in the main line up to the house and Aaron had to do a little digging to get the water to the house turned off because the box had shifted.  There is never a dull moment!

I was worried Aaron was going to be late to the Hornets game but he got the water turned off and made it in time to drive up to Charlotte with Jake and some friends from church to watch the game.

 Aaron bought Jake a Hornets hat since he vowed to be a fan for life!

While they were at the game my mom and I went and saw Addie Kate be an owl in her's school play.  It was so fun!
 The guys got home at 11:30 and had to get up early the next morning to meet at the church and leave at 5:30 am to go on a Youth Temple trip.  I went back to bed!
 When they got back from the Temple they headed over to Nana and Papa's to fix the pipe.  Nana and Papa were getting home the night and it would not have been fun to come home to no water.  I don't know why I didn't get a picture of Jake.  His hands were caked in mud since he was the one that got the muddy water out of the hole!
I brought the guys a piece of pizza from Sam's Club because I am awesome like that.
 Aaron actually let me take a picture of what we lovingly refer to as  his "nub".  He is so tough.  It is still painful for him because it is so tight down through his palm.  But I will tell you what that nub is a deadly weapon.  If he taps you with it it hurts because he doesn't know how hard he is doing it since there isn't feeling for him on the tip.  He uses it against Jake whenever possible. :)

Penny is such a sweet dog.  
 And of course there has to be some pictures of food!  On Saturday night Aaron was going over to friends to watch the Duke and UNC (I could have gone but I am more of a professional sports watcher.  College sports isn't my thing) game and he made wings to bring.  He doesn't cook much but what he cooks is amazing!  I am not a wings fan but I eat Aaron's!

 These are Ranch flavored and they were yummy!

  Nothing like frying food right next to the garbage can!  The dogs were watching with anticipation from doggy jail (the fence comes up to the carport and whoever built the house was smart enough to put up this railing to keep dogs in the yard).

 The fry master checking the temperature.  The door behind him leads into our laundry room that Aaron and Jake are going to clean out this Saturday while I am at the Great Homeschool Convention (more on that later).  Can you see the towel I jam under the door so snakes don't go in?   There is no threshold (Aaron is finally going to put one in after 101/2 months in our house!!!! Wow-time flies.  Life is busy and when it isn't who wants to put in a threshold? Better late than never!  I have never encountered a snake in there so the towel must have worked!) so the towel has been my anti snake defense.  People have asked me why I think a snake would want to go in a laundry room.  I have no idea but, they come in my yard and I have a big dog so why wouldn't they want to check out our laundry room?

The next batch was hot wings.  They are probably delicious, but I couldn't tell you because the smell is too hot for me to even think of trying one!

And in a new twist Aaron tried Hot Ranch.  He said he is making more of them next time.  I made a couple of garlic wings and they were amazing!
Now...on to this week.