Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Rail Trail

Jake has been wanting to ride his bike on the Rail Trail for a while now and the end of last week we finally decided to take an extended recess and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  There is a big pile of what looks like sand or gravel at the beginning of the trail that turns out to be solid and Jake rolled his bike up on it to check it out.

Sadie wanted to run after Jake so bad but she is a little ADD when it comes to squirrels and you have to keep your dog on a leash on the Rail Trail.  So she dragged me along...

Sadie is pretty spoiled.  When I sat down and we started swinging she just laid down and enjoyed the break.  

We decided to stop at the Rail Trail Dog Park and let Sadie off her leash for a while.

There were no other doggy friends but there was a pool and that is almost better!

It was fun to watch as Sadie followed Jake around every where he went.

Jake sat down on the swing at the dog park and had an America's Funniest Video moment.  He some who flipped the whole swing over.  It was hard not to laugh so I did. :)

I need to give in a little more when Jake asks to do spontaneous things and remember that sometimes making memories are more important than the To Do list.