Thursday, November 1, 2012

Because we really just don't do Halloween...

About 3 years ago (I think) Jake said he didn't really want to trick or treat any more.  I thought the heavens had opened and I heard angels singing.  Jake said he didn't like all the gross bloody decorations and creepy masks and the knocking on peoples door that you don't even know to ask for candy that who knows where they bought it or what they have done to it...Okay so I added the last part about the candy but I seconded everything else he said and we started doing Halloween our way.  Halloween is my, and Aaron's, least favorite holiday.  Buying $30 worth of candy to hand out to teen age punks that don't even have costumes on or if they do they are creepy or completely immodest!...Okay so there are also adorable little people with costumes on but I still don't love buying candy for them.  We did the whole Halloween thing because we had a child that we didn't want to miss out.  Now we don't have to pretend and we put forth the least amount of energy to enjoy Halloween-which means we throw stuff together the day of and go to church for trunk or treat.  That is what we did this year and it was fun!

We helped my mom decorate the gym for the chilli dinner before the trunk or treating.  Cut table decorations right?

 We dressed up as South Carolina fans.  First time we have ever dressed up in a whole family theme.  This is how it looks at our house any given Saturday when the Gamecocks are playing...(well almost-I just got that shirt a few weeks ago and haven't worn it yet.)
 I cut up some of that stuff poster board we had left over from another project, grabbed a red blanket and some scotch tape and made the trunk look like a monster spitting out candy and called it good!

 Funny thing happened.  Aaron saw one of his best childhood friends, that he hasn't seen in years, and he had the exact opposite costume on that Aaron did.  What an ugly sweatshirt!  ***Southern explanation of why this even matters:  If you aren't from the South and don't follow college football than you won't understand that state rivalry between these two I just explained it to you.***
We got a free pumpkin that we forgot to carve but we don't really care-we have better plans for it.  Jake wanted to use it for target practice and we again second his idea.  He really is a smart kiddo.  We had a great our version of Halloween.  Happy belated Halloween to all of you that love it or those of you who have children young enough that you have to pretend you love it! :)