Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm just saying....

***WARNING: the opinions in this post are mine.  No one else's...well that probably isn't true.  I am sure other people feel this same way but that is beside the point....I will be speaking my mind and I did write this while feeling a lot of anger, frustration, disbelief, tired..etc. so as far as I can tell I should not be judged in any way because in this country you can do or say anything you want with out much consequence so I am just going to go for it!  (I do enjoy my freedoms but don't usually use them in this way but I am sorry to say at the moment they cannot be repressed...That isn't true either: I am choosing not to repress them.)  Consider yourself warned and please do not judge me on this post alone.  Oh yeah:  I am also NOT proofreading this so it may or may not make perfect sense but I am sure you will get the jist.  My name is Carrie and I approved this message...***

* I am praying that this country will wake up to a mistake.  Karl Rove is my hero.  He is almost never wrong and tried to keep hope alive.  991 votes separates the 2 men in Ohio!?  Can I get a re-vote?  No? Okay fine than I will just be completely devastated for a little while.

*That is an unbelievable amount of red for a country that went blue.  CRAZY!  And let me just state again that although I was born and raised until the age of 13 in New Hampshire, I am a converted Southerner and never plan on living in the liberal North again. 

*I am about to get controversial.  But as long as it is still a free country I will speak my mind.  Ohio was all red except a blob of blue.  I asked Aaron why do the cities go for Obama when the rest of the state goes for Mitt?  He reminded me there is a larger concentration of black people (and liberals) in cities.  To this I will just share something I saw on Pinterest:

It would be a sad shame if people voted for anyone based on the color of their skin.  I hope people didn't do that but since I heard from several people (in 2008 when I was a cashier...which means I got the quick version of what bartenders and hairdressers get) that is why they voted for Obama, I am pretty sure it happened this time around too. 

*To the liberal media...I am just going to come out and say it: I HATE YOU you don't play far and I am not a fan.  You take advantage of people who have not educated themselves with facts.  You even lied.  But I'm not going to judge you because that's not my job.  Good luck with that in the future though...

*To woman who voted on the basis of reproductive freedom: You have been made weaker than ever before. WHY? You are giving them ALL the power and making yourself appear very...stupid.  You think you are voting for women's rights in some strange way.  You voted to be able to have unprotected sex and be able to murder a baby growing inside of you.  They convinced you to vote based on how much unprotected sex you choose to have. And they convinced you other people should pay for the consequences of you having that unprotected sex...Are you hearing that?  Doesn't that sound ridiculous?  I would love for someone to pay for the asthma medication that HELPS ME BREATH but I don't expect that because it is my responsibility...but don't worry the government will make me pay for your abortion.   They think you aren't smart enough to actually make the decision about whether you want to have a baby or not before you have sex so I will pay for that "consequence" for you.  They have made sex more important than self control, responsibility and YOU!  There are words used for people that think of sex like that but I try to refrain from language like that....Wait a minute I just had a thought: or you are actually so selfish that you made yourself believe that the fetus growing inside you isn't living-even though it has a heart beat.  A heart beat you knew had a possibility of conceiving before you had sex-but you wanted to have sex so you did!  You made your decision at the wrong time-you were supposed  to think about that before having sex.  That is what responsible people do.  I won't even get into the whole morality thing that I am sure you wouldn't understand.  I decided I will drive with my eyes closed-oh crap I hit a car! I am choosing now to open my eyes and you can't take away my right to open my eyes now and pretend that didn't happen.  Does that make any sense?  No? Neither does voting to be able to have unprotected sex and not face the consequences.  That is being weak and they made you think it was your right...You feel for it...Sad.  (Okay I typed sex in that very long paragraph more than I have in my whole life because I am different than the world-I think there are things way more important than it.  I feel better though and that is really what I am going for.  It will probably be better if no one reads this except me but I am feeling the need to take advantage of my 1st amendment right.)

*To those of you who didn't consider Bengazi when you voted.  Shame on you.  The way that was handled says a lot about our President, his administration, and everyone who is pretending it didn't go down like it went down.  The word that comes to mind is SCARY (note the capital letters).  Note to those in the military or serving this amazing country in other capacities in foreign countries:  You are on your own.  Literally.  We know you are out there doing all sorts of crazy things to keep us safe but the US Government does not have your back. 

*To those who didn't vote.  Shame on you.  Who ever you were going to vote for but didn't-shame on you.

 One More Thing....

*The only bit of good news in this is that the Lord is in control.  This my friends, in my humble opinion, is a sign of the times.  This world is going to get even worse before it will get better.  It is supposed to.  The scriptures tell us it will.  This is just one more step in that direction.  Our country will continue to disintegrate because a large majority of it citizens are choosing to discount the Lord.  To discount freedoms.  To discount family.  To discount self reliance...I could just go on and on.  Now I will stop ranting and turn to the Lord because we are going to need Him more than ever.

We are about to get just what we (when I say we I don't really mean me because I DID NOT vote for the mess we about to get deeper into) voted for.  I hope you are ready America...and the rest of the world.

I only feel a little bit better.  I am still sad for our country...