Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sometimes Ron Paul gets is right...

He did during his farewell speech to the Congress.  In it he said:

“Expect the rapidly expanding homeschool movement to play a significant role in the revolutionary reforms needed to rebuild a free society with constitutional protections.  We cannot expect a federal government controlled school system to provide the intellectual ammunition to combat the dangerous growth of government that threatens our liberties.”

 I guess I should have given Ron Paul more credit.  He is dead right on this one.  

This (click on "this" supposed to be a different color so you would know that but my computer isn't cooperating...) is where I got this information (actually I got it from a fellow homeschooler and then I went to the site she referenced....).  I don't know much about the is sight so the opinions expressed on it may or may not line up with mine.  But I totally agree with this one that Ron Paul made. :)