Monday, December 3, 2012

A post for me to remember: Jake blowing on my computer...

The other day we were finishing up homeschooling and Jake was very eager to be done.  I said to Jake: "okay get on my computer." (that is what I say when I want him to pull up the Internet on my laptop.  He is getting ready to start a research paper and presentation on Caesar Augustus  and I wanted him to bookmark a couple of sites that might have some information about him.).  I was looking down at something...maybe I was logging a grade or checking math-I can't remember but I hear him blowing...I wait for a minute wondering why he isn't opening up my laptop and pulling up the Internet since he is SO ready to be DONE!  I look up finally and say: "Jake why aren't you getting on my computer?"  (it sounds weird to say it that way now that I type it but that is our computer lingo...).  He looks at me and says: "Oh I thought you said blow on your computer!"  Whaaa???? (You love "Despicable Me" as much as we do if you pictured a minion as you read that whaaa?.  If you didn't catch that go and watch it immediately!!!)   I start laughing and then he starts laughing and we just can't stop.   You had to be there but even as I am typing I am chuckling.  He said he thought maybe I wanted to get the dust off my computer or something.  We remembered to tell Daddy about this funny moment we had...right before we said our evening prayer...Wrong time to tell him because we started laughing all over again and had a hard time stopping for the prayer.  Jake said the prayer and we both had to muffle a few laughs.  You know those things that are only funny to you and that person and that any time you think about it it starts all over again?  It was one of those...Luckily Heavenly Father has a sense of humor and I am sure he was glad our homeschooling day ended in laughter...there are days were it doesn't end on such a high note.

 I wonder if we will read this in 20 years and laugh all over again as we remember it Jake. :)