Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yesterday's Bitter Sweet...

The Bitter:

The elementary school shooting in Connecticut.  My heart is broken.  I have no words to describe the sadness we feel for this community, these families, our country...our whole world.  We spent the day as we normally do but with moments of prayers and tears for those who have lost loved ones...It seems so strange to carry on I just keep praying.  Those sweet children-babies...they were just babies.  I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ met them all with open arms. 

The Sweet:

We found out officially yesterday that we will be moving the day after Christmas (same town we are in right now).  After a little over 3 years since we sold our house, Aaron went back to school and finished, house sitting for my parents while they were on their mission then sharing their home for several months, and a little over 7 months with Aaron's parents trying to buy "our" house in short sale...we are finally going to have our own space.  We are giving up on buying right now.  All these months of waiting have given us cold feet and made us realize no matter how low interest rates are and home prices are, it just isn't the right time for us.  We are moving back to a street we lived on when Jake was 2 1/2.  A neighborhood that Aaron was born and raised in.  We will be surrounded by family and church members...To say I am excited it a complete and total understatement!!!  Jake is thrilled!  Aaron is happy, but stressed...Our income has dramatically decreased in this economy.  Aaron was a Superintendent for a home building company.  He has spent our entire marriage in school (2 times) and working in an architect office or in the field overseeing the building...Times have changed and that field of work is almost non existance.  We are starting over.  Square one...But square one is a cute little 3 bedroom home with lots of character and I can't wait to move in!!!  Next week-the day after Christmas is the day we will start cleaning and moving and you know I will take pictures of all of it!!!!