Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dear Hormones,

Why do you hate me?!?  If only you were where you are supposed to be and in the right amounts.  I could lose weight easier!  I wouldn't be (as) moody.  I wouldn't go 3 months with out a period and then feel completely sick when you decide it is time to release the mother of all periods...You do this to me all the time!  What is your deal?  You could at least warn me a little.  I even thought I had you figured out:  some what regular periods in the Fall/Winter..not so much in the Spring/Summer, but then {BAM!!!}-WRONG!  Let's do it backwards in 2012 and make me think you are "evening out".

You and I have never been friends.  I am not sure why.  I mean, what did  I ever do to you?  From day one of puberty you have been like a plague in my life...I do thank you though for the truce you called long enough for me to fulfill my one true dream in life: to be a mommy.  Thank you for that. (You apparently missed the memo that I would have liked very much for that to have happened again...I thought the prescriptions drugs meant to help with that would have worked again but you were just too stubborn.)  Motherhood has pretty much rocked...except when you make me moody crazy mommy.  Really when I think about it, it is ALL your fault.

So I am coming to you to ask you to make 2013 a little bit easier on me if you could.  Surprise me--no SHOCK me, this coming year by doing what your are supposed to do.  I will be 37 this year.  37.  The way you torture me has gone on long enough.  I don't like the number 37 (not a fan of the odd b-days) so I really need your help as I prep for this birthday (on May 31st...I am giving you more than enough warning).  Don't make me be all hormonal on that day unless it is good for a very good reason.  You got that?!...please I am begging you...

Thanks for almost nothing.  Heheheh... :)  I had to joke a little...it is supposed to lighten the mood of the letter...Did it help?  But seriously-think it over.  We may just make a great team if you would just try a little.  Think it over.  I am sure you will let me know one way or the other.