Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Catechesis, Christmas Cookies, and Lego Club....

The batteries in my camera are rechargeable...but I have forgotten, on more than one occasion, to charge them.  Luckily my camera loves me enough to let me quickly eek out one picture before shutting down...

Jake's Christmas Catechesis for Classical Conversations was on Friday.  His class decided to show  their memory work skills dressed up like the 12 tribes of Israel.  We had a reception after (that I helped decorate for and had fun...but no pictures of...another mom is supposed to email them to me but if she is like me she may forget.) and Jake went to a slumber party after at his friend Carter's house.  We don't do sleep overs very often but felt good about this group of boys and the hosting parents.  It ended up being 6 boys having Nerf  gun wars and watching Elf until 1:30 in the morning.  In case you can't tell from the one and only picture that came out before my camera went to sleep...Jake is the 4th from the right.  Just in case we really want to remember everyone in Jake's class in  30 years: Left to right Catherine, Adrienne, Connie, Cloe, Emily, Sara, Jake, Carter, Gabe, and Mr. Mills. 

On Monday night Erin had the great idea of decorating some Christmas cookies.  They were fun to make and to eat!  I took lots of pictures on Erin's phone so I will get them and post more later.  Without charging the batteries (even after they died on Friday night...)  my camera allowed me this one photo of Jake, Nana, and Erin cutting the cookies.  I told you my camera loves me. :)
Today Jake was excited to go to the homeschooling Lego Club at the library.  He of course waited until today to make something for this months theme of Christmas.  He ended up making Santa's sleigh (high tech so no reindeer needed) and our family decorating a very abstract Christmas tree. :)  He had fun trading Lego's and I actually grabbed my battery charger as we were headed out the door and charged it for about 5 minutes in the library so I got a couple of pictures since I haven't been able to for a couple of days.

 Jake's quick Lego build.
 See what I mean by abstract Christmas tree? :)
 These are all the entries for the special Christmas contest.  Jake sadly did not win...
 ...but when you are up against a couple of people who took it a little more seriously than you, you really can't be to disappointed (Jake wasn't).  I think Jake will put a little more effort into it next time. :) Most of them looked like Jake's did.  Let's face it the best part is the trading!  He will probably spend more time getting ready for the trade than the contests!