Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Being all sorts of domestic today...Aaron don't look at this because you will see one of your Chirstmas gifts...


 First we canned potatoes and now we have moved on to turkey.  It is a greasy mess but so worth it. 

 While the jars of turkey were cooking we did some sewing.  Jake made Aaron some pajama pants for Christmas while I hemmed some of his pants.  Shhhhh! Jake doesn't know it but I am making him some matching PJ pants. :)  While Jake was making the pants I told him I would make him some nice warm PJ pants if he goes on a mission to a cold place.  To this he said: "You?  Sew?  Are you sure you can?"...I don't sew but that doesn't mean I can't!  I guess I will show him on Christmas Eve. :)

I couldn't resist taking pictures of Nee's chandelier.  She has decorated it so lovely for  Christmas.

Jake taking a break and joining Sadie on the floor for a snuggle.  I know it is blurry but it is the best I could get and I love this picture. :)

Some of the turkey is ready to make into soup with carrots and celery in it.  Most are just turkey.  I am sure some of you will think it looks gross but I can't tell you how beautiful it is to us!  It is it a lot of work to can but so worth it to know we have food stored to eat for when we may not be able to buy it.  

At C.C. coop for Essentials on Tuesday we had a party and the kiddos redeemed tickets they had earned the past 12 weeks.  Jake got a matchbox car ("that brings back memories of one he used to have"), bubble gum tape, a little iron man in a ball container ("perfect for storing Lego's), and play dough.  We haven't had play dough for a few years (he kind of grew out of it) and Jake had so much fun with it while trying to get out of doing his math while we were canning. :)

The pants came out AWESOME!  They seem a little large but that will make them extra comfy!  Jake is a natural. :)  The fabric is Star Wars so they will be a definite hit for Daddy.
 My mom has taught my Activity Girls (I am the leader of Wednesday night activities for girls 8-11 years old) to sew the past to Wednesday's.  Thanks mom they came out great!  My mom is wearing the one that Jake made when she gave him his first machine sewing lesson last week.