Thursday, August 9, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things: Bowling, dogs, famliy photos, temples...etc.

The list is long this week...Who am I kidding it always is..These are a few of my favorite things: (feel free to hum the song while reading this post.  I did while I was writing it.)

*Going bowling (more on that later...because I had 7,942 pictures of the 2 times we have gone in the past week...maybe not quit that many pic's but close.)
*Bowling balls.  Aren't they so pretty?

*Being a little bit redneck.  We loaded up the car with paint supplies and barely had room for the dogs (we were Belle sitting that day) in the car on the way to visit their other doggie cousin Phin.  We looked like big old rednecks rolling done the street in Burt (our redneck "piece of Chevy" car as Aaron calls it.  He is a Ford man but a free car is a free car and I happen to LOVE Burt.  That is his name.  It says so right on the trunk...a story for another time...) with 3 dogs.
Penny had the best seat in the house.  She was in the back with all the painting stuff.
*Refinishing the Baby Harmon's  cocoa table to look like this....
...little piece of awesomeness.  If you want to see more of the closeups of it go here.
*Having more space on the way home and watching how much these dogs love each other.  The whole back seat was empty but Sadie had to lean right on Penny (her adopted dog mother we think since Penny was at our house the day we brought Sadie home). How cute is that?
*Belle.  I know she is not a thing but I had to include her on the list.  How adorable is that little face?
*Jake's new glasses (I know they have been my favorite thing for a while now but I just love them), his new tie, his hair like this, his summer freckles,  how he is trying to humor me by posing for a picture but still has to be a PTPP (picture taking party has been a while since I have used that one so I figured I would explain for anyone who doesn't know).
*This family photo (even though there is some sun on Aaron's face.  He is tall so that happens) at the Raleigh NC Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
We were there to see our long time (Aaron grew up with Mandy)  friends the Connor's be Sealed as a family for time and eternity.  (If you aren't a member of the LDS church you can click on that and it will let you know all about being Sealed in the Temple)
Unfortunately we didn't make it to the sealing because of this:

But we made it there for the picture and that is better than nothing. We were bummed that we missed it but glad we could be there to show our support and congratulate them.  A lot of people were there to do that.  Here everyone is getting ready for a BIG group shot:
*I also love the picture of the Martin's.  (Okay so you don't have to be really tall to have sun on your face.  Jeremy has it too...)
*Watching Jake happily ride Nana's four wheeler around their yard.  How awesome is it to have a back yard like this?
*Taking a picture of me and Jake after he took me on a little ride around the yard while I tried to snap a picture of Sadie chasing us...
*Watching the dogs enjoy their pool
*School supplies...We are getting ready because we start on Monday.  I went to a meeting to get ready for Essentials and learned so much.  I am so excited and while I was putting together Jake's Case It he got really excited.  I also love that Aaron had the day off and while I was at the meeting he and Jake had some male bonding time.  They shot guns with the quieter bullets that Aaron got for Jake.  They went to Academy (a huge sports store) and looked at all sorts of manly things like bow and arrows.  They went 4 wheeling.  I had fun with paper products while they had fun with weapons and ATV's.  It really is a win-win situation. :)

*Here is a little advertising for my new favorite office supply store.  I made a bazillion copies and laminated several things and the lady that always seems to be there when I am gave me card so I could get a teacher discount.  She tried to call her manager to see if homeschooling mom's counted but didn't get a hold of him so she made the executive decision that of course we count as teachers!  Her help saved me $10!!!  That is awesome!  So, I will now always go to Office Depot for my paper/school supply needs.  You should too. :)  If their employees are half as good at the store where you live, you will be a happy camper because they ROCK here in SC.
*Post-It tabs, and dividers make me very happy...I may have over done it here, but I feel so organized and that too makes me happy...
*Kleenex Splash'n Go Wipes.  I love to have one of these little packs in my purse at all times but Walmart and Target stopped carrying the purse packs. Guess who has them?...Office Depot.  Yet another reason why they rock.  (I really should be compensated for all my endorsements don't you think?)
*And last but certainly not least I love Pinterest recipes.  Yes believe it or not this is a recipe. We made chocolate ice cream bowls.  (More on this later too...)  I made three new recipes I found on Pinterest this week and they all have been hits.
What are some of your favorite things this week?