Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hub City Railroad Museum

Earlier in the summer Jake and I headed over to the Hub City Railroad Museum.  If you want to know what city is the "Hub City"  (a nickname that has made a comeback over the past few years) you will have to do a little research to find out.  I will tell you it is in South Carolina.  It was a fun little place full of railroad "artifacts" from a city that used to be the Souths hub for trains.  The people that give the tours are volunteers and train enthusiasts.  The boy that gave our tour was only a year or two older than Jake. 

I want this camera and you will see why when you see the next picture...
Old cameras took amazingly sharp photos.

This was one of the actual stencils they used to mark box cars and whatever else they wanted to mark with this insignia.  I guess the crafter in me came out because I thought that was so cool.
Did you figure out what city is the Hub City?  It just happens to be Aaron's hometown. :)