Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ranee's Mexican Fiesta

I am just going to start off by saying we are not racist.  Why would I preface this post with that you ask? Because, I am sure some one out there will think we are being politically incorrect and insensitive.  Maybe we are but this really isn't a negative thing (but someone will most likely spin it that way...).  That is all I really need to say because if you know me (which chances are pretty good you do if you are reading this) you know that I love everyone and I like to have a good time.  That being said: onto Ranee's 40th birthday celebration Fiesta style!

Jeremy asked me if I would make a dinner for Ranee's birthday and plan a little party.  I of course said:  YES.  I love this kind of stuff.  He also asked me if Ranee had mentioned anything that she wanted for her birthday...she had...but it wasn't really something you could actually give her.  Ranee said she wanted a Mexican for her birthday.  You see, for some time now she has been wanting to put new flooring in her downstairs and redecorate her family room.  Since it hadn't happened she wanted to hire someone who she knew would do it right.

 Someone who wouldn't take months to do it.  Someone who was a hard worker and a perfectionist.  Ranee's first thought was to hire a Mexican.  Her explanation when we looked at her like she might be crazy was that she needed a hard worker (this is the part where some stupid person would think we were racist but the list of qualifications she was looking for are all positive things).  So, long story short.  There wasn't money in the budget to hire a Mexican to do all the work she needed done so the whole family volunteered to be her hard workers.  To let her know we were all willing to help we had our fiesta.   I thought we could all wear name tags with Spanish names and wanted to make them sound like our real names.  Although I did take 2 years of Spanish in high school I didn't retain much.  So, I took our names and added "ito" to the end.  We were all cracking up at how I thought adding "ito" to the end some how made it sound more Spanish.  But it does don't you think?  Go ahead say your name with a Spanish accent and add "ito" to the end.  It may not sound Spanish but it made you laugh didn't it?  That was pretty much the whole point of the party!

I love that Addie Kate-ito's name tag is upside down. :)
Jeremy got the name of honor because he is the head laborer since he is Ranee's husband.  (He was most likely the reason why Ranee said she wanted to hire a Mexican for her birthday-because he wasn't doing it!)
She was surprised that she got her birthday wish.

Jaxson pretty much thought the party rocked.
We laughed hysterically at the "fat app" that Erin has on her phone.  You take a picture of someone and it makes their fact look fat.  It is SO funny.
And these funny looking things are what made me and Ranee laugh the most.  Ranee showed me how to make cake ball pops and we all love them.  My plan wast to make some for her but then as I was making them I remembered the cool cakes we had seen the day before at Ikea.  They were these round balls with marzipan on it and looked so good but no one wanted to share one (they all wanted chocolate) so I decided to recreate them.  I thought I would get creative and drizzle different colors...It turned out to be a big mess.  I guess it is one of those had to be there things but we were laughing so hard we were about to pee our pants. 

It was one of these moments....

But any way.  Ranee got her wish.  There is a new couch in the family room.  It has been painted and wains coating has been put up.  There is a new fan/light up on the ceiling and the flooring is has been picked up and is all that is left to do.  Ranee taught us all a very valuable lesson with her birthday wish.  Even if you ask for something that you think you won't get you just may...Kind of like the scriptures say: "Ask and you shall receive..."...Not that we have helped.  She did all the painting...and most everything else.  But she got her wish to get it done.  And we volunteered to help she just didn't take us up on it.  I guess she didn't think we would have done as good of a job as if she had gotten a Mexican to help and she is probably right.

Happy 40th Ranee. :)