Saturday, August 11, 2012

Okay, now I am really excited...

I am a Conservative Republican. I always have been and always will. I have mentioned that before but I have never really mentioned this: I am going to vote for Mitt Romney.  It goes with out saying really since you know I am a Conservative.  I was going to vote for whoever the nominee ended up being.  I am even more excited to vote for him since he picked exactly who I hoped he would pick for his running mate: Paul Ryan.

  I am excited at the thought of getting our country back on the right track.  I am excited to be able to vote for two men of integrity.  Men who love their families and their country.  I am excited to get the bumper sticker for my car (and Aaron's) that I just ordered over at

 If you don't know much about Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney for that matter that is the place to go to learn.  Whoever you are going to vote for educate yourself.  Remember if you were going to buy a Ford truck you wouldn't go to the Chevy dealership to learn about it  (I know that sounds so cheesy but it is true.)  Don't rely on the news to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.  And to show you how fair and balanced I am (I love the Fox News Channel by the way :) ) Obama's website is:  I may be fair and balanced but I am not going to link that one for you... :) 

*For anyone that happened to find this post by doing a Google search and you now plan on leaving some ignorant comment about my feelings that I have just stated on my blog:  please don't waste your time.  I have had negative comments from random blog stalkers just because I was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I may have them again now that I am talking about my political views.  I live in a free country-thankfully.  I personally don't spend my free time searching for blogs that I can post nasty comments on about peoples beliefs.  We are entitled to our opinions.  Just know before you waste your time that leaving negative or nasty comments only makes you look stupid and will not make me change my views.  In fact it will probably remind me why I feel that way in the first place.  But hey-thanks for stopping by!*