Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some more things we have been up to in NH...(and a few of my favorite things)

We have been....

*Greeting my sis and her family as they made it "home"
*Enjoying playing Lego's with cousins
*Eating creamies...and yes it was cold enough to need sweatshirts
*Enjoying the wildlife.  We have seen deer, a bear, a lynx, a raccoon, groundhogs, turkeys, and a mole
*Playing outside
*Making journals out of some of my favorite things: composition notebooks & mod podge

*Have I mentioned Lego's and...
playing outside?
*Swimming at Camp...
and fishing

...and swimming some more...
...and kayaking...
....and all other things water related that is fun.

*Enjoying a little R&R all by myself at Camp for a night (first time ever)
 *Laying in the sun (a shot of the view while a cloud went over.)
*Looking at flooring, after going to Tina's first (for this pregnancy) ultrasound.  She is 14 weeks along-Congrats!!

*Eating yummy food in our hometown...
along with a creamy topped with "jimmies".  That is what they call them up here in NH.  Not so much in VT.  I never knew it was a NH thing.
*In case you need proof that sprinkles are in deed called jimmies and yes they are so worth the extra 50 cents. :)

*Checking out L.L. Bean and it's giant backpack.  I saw a cute jersey scarf that was navy blue and white stripped and it was on sale!  I was excited until I saw that the sale price was $35.  People are crazy.
*Grocery shopping

*Celebrating the 4th of July.  We spent the first half of the day in NH going to a parade and then the 2nd half of the day in VT at Camp.  I didn't even take my camera out my bag at Camp but Tina did so I will post them later. 

 (make a note Aaron: I want a black Yorkiepoo.  This is full size!)

 We even knew someone in the parade! Hey Barb!  :)