Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bain Declutter: Because sleep alludes me...again

*I am officially labeling myself an insomniac.  I never sleep through the night and I am okay with that because if I wake up I can go back to sleep.  My problem for the past couple...few...I have lost count is the falling asleep part.  I am going to buy some Tylenol PM tomorrow...

*I know why I can't sleep.  I am a night time interior decorator. Every time I lay my head on my pillow to go to sleep I start to decorate "our" house in my head.  I have tried to pick out the actual paint colors and have even gone as far as going to Lowe's to price the paint with my "final" decision on paint it feels more definite, and I still can't help but decorate it every night in my head.  I tried showing people my ideas hoping that it would help but it didn't.

*I was excited for the Olympics but really haven't watched more than snippets here and there.  I know there is time to watch and I plan on it.  I was going to watch the opening ceremonies but didn't.  We watched part of the parade of athletes (the replay during prime time) but ended up going to sleep (or in my case trying to) before the US even walked.  I am sure they looked awesome in their French looking outfits that were made in China. :)

*For some reason the past couple days, when I am on Pinterest whatever I pin goes on to Facebook...I have no idea why out  of the blue it started doing it, but I think I got it to stop.  I doesn't bother me because I am RARELY on Facebook but I am sure it bothered everyone else who had to keep seeing all my pins.  Maybe I should go on to Facebook and "update my status" to let people know it was an accident and it won't happen again...but I probably won't.

*I read two books over the past few days.  The Walk and Miles To Go both by Richard Paul Evans.  They are so good and I can't wait to read #3 in the series.  I don't feel like doing a whole book review right now but I will say they are full of hope after tragedy, learning from others, serving, learning...all good stuff in a great little adventure.  Read them and you will thank me.  Thanks Nana for telling me how good they are.  Mom I am going to go to your house and borrow all the books you have by him that I am sure are just as good because I know you have several. :)

*Okay my tired mind is now bored with this...must pin something before trying to sleep again...