Sunday, July 8, 2012

True story...

I saw this on Pinterest and instantly feel in love with this quote:

So true.  So, so, so, so true....
That's all for now.

Well...maybe one more thing:

I am excited to tell you about the books I have read on our trip...that will be coming soon.  They were all amazing.  I mentioned the two by C.S. Lewis (The Screwtape Letters, and Til We Have Faces) but I haven't mentioned the third one yet...or maybe I have...I can't remember.  But any way: it is hysterically wonderful and I highly recommend it.  It is by Christopher Healy and is called The Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom.  It is a perfect family book but, I am going to do a little review of it (because I LOVE it so much) so I won't get into it too much right now.

I do think I am going to take a reading vacation where I just go some where, by myself, for 2 or 3 days (by myself) when it is rainy and cold... (by myself) and I think I want to wear a flannel nightgown (even though I don't have one so I better get one before I go on this myself) so it should probably be in the fall or winter....Any way I am going to load my Kindle (even though mine is broken.  I will have to get a new one soon because I can not live with out it....) with a few books and eat nothing but buttered popcorn sprinkled with garlic powder and drink French vanilla hot myself. :)