Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our room, Jake's room, and the living room...

I had the day off on Monday and I was doing my usual tornado clean up after the weekend. Is it like that at your house over the weekend? The house can start off looking great on Friday but when Monday rolls around and everyone is back to school and/or work you look around and wonder when the tornado actually hit. Before me is always a disaster. It's not like there is dirt and grime...just 4 pairs of socks around the living room...or a couple (hundred) of Jake's action figures randomly placed in every room in the whole house...or dishes all rinsed (hopefully...) and ready to go in the dishwasher that just needs to be emptied to fill it up again! Yep that is my usual Monday. This week was worse because I worked Thursday-Sunday..Need I say more? Let's just say we didn't go into the weekend looking great... Any way back to the original reason for this post. My mom and dad's house is full of charm and character and our stuff looks good in it! I took a few pictures just to remind myself of how nice it is when it is all tidy and picked up...even if it only lasts for 1/2 day...Until Aaron gets home from school and changes and leaves his clothes on the floor next to his side of the bed...until Jake goes into his room to read and decides to pull out his old Halloween costumes in his dress up bin and comes out dressed up like Obi Won Kenobi (who rocks by the way)...Or I decide to cut out coupons and half way through the project realize it is time to make dinner...Or I blog instead of picking up...(Yes I admit it I am a large part of the problem.)This is one of those brief moments that you just stand and look at how pretty it is, if only but for a moment.
Our quilt doesn't really match the wall color but I don't care. I like it there.

Jake's science project is in the window because he isn't ready to get rid of it and I was sick of vacuuming around it.

From the other side. Notice the awesome "robot box" we made in one of the bins.

Our living room...