Friday, April 23, 2010

Almost caught up....Decorating Easter eggs!

I took tons of pictures and couldn't decide which to here are a million pictures of Jake decorating Easter eggs! (Aaron was somewhere...I can't remember where...)

The first dip always takes the most concentration...

The posed egging dipping picture...

The first egg...

Q-tips are for more than just cleaning your ears! Aren't you glad they don't really look like that when you do use them for the intended purpose?!

I dipped too! See my hand for proof!

The beginning of a great idea!

I bet your really glad your Q-tips don't look like this after you clean your ears!!!

Papa with his missionary tag!

And of course his companion...

More dipping...

A beautiful multicolored egg and a cute boy.

A couple more dips...Love the "smallish" hands...They are growing too fast.

Nee and Papa as missionary eggs!

And its a wrap!