Monday, April 26, 2010

Aaron living the dream..well sort of...

Living the dream would probably be more like playing in the game he got to go to, but that is a whole other story! We have a wonderful friend who just got a job at Time Warner Cable-way to go Elizabeth! In case you don't know the Charlotte Bobcats (if you are really not a sports fan you may not know that is the name of Charlotte's professional basketball know in the NBA) play in the Time Warner Arena...Are you seeing where I am going with this? I am talking CHEAP tickets to the first ever playoff game in Charlotte-for the Bobcats...The Hornets were in the playoffs too when they were still in Charlotte (sigh..I miss them). By the way I went to the very first NBA playoff game in Charlotte EVER. It was when the Hornets played the Celtics and kicked there butts and it was a LONG time ago. Anyway, Aaron and Norb were able to get CHEAP tickets to the game and they were like little kids in a candy store! Unfortunately the Bobcats lost in the end, but only by a little. Aaron was a very happy camper just to be able to go! He got a free t-shirt, prowl towel and a lanyard.

On another note Jake came home from school the other day and said his friend Jayden asked him if Aaron played in the NBA. I guess Jake was telling him how he plays basketball (2 or 3 times a Aaron has been to school functions and is usually one of the taller people at 6'2") and he just assumed he was a professional. Aaron seemed to like that a lot...That would really be living the dream. But going to the game works too!