Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still catching up...Super Bowl Party

We had a fun time watching the Super Bowl with the Gariety's! I don't really watch that much. I talk and laugh at the commercials. In fact...nope, I can't even remember who won...or now that I think about it, who was even playing! Aaron loves football and every now and then I humor him and watch a game. But for the most part I could really care less. Maybe next season I will pay more attention to it...That probably isn't true either...I do like basketball though. (I am finally putting aside the bitterness I felt when George Shin took the Hornets away from Charlotte to New Orleans. I am really starting to be a Bobcats fan.) So, although there is little to no hope that I will ever care about football, I will always enjoy hanging out with friends while they watch it!