Monday, April 19, 2010

I am know known as "Bi-Lo Carrie"

This is my ugly uniform. A few posts ago I mentioned how Jake said I looked "amazing!". Yeah right...Thanks any way buddy. My name tag says Bi-Lo on it with my name under it, so whenever I leave and/or come home from work the 2 jokers in my house like to call me "Bi-Lo Carrie". I am wondering why I am posting this picture...It is really bad. The uniform is really bad. My hair looks...really bad (I just put it back with a head band or something like that because it is pretty warm in Bi-Lo and my hair ends up going all wavy and crazy). All the employees comment how we all look so different (better different)when we come in and shop on our days off. The uniform really isn't a good look for anyone.