Monday, April 26, 2010

Trying to repay an AWESOME compliment, but it backfired...

So, I come home on Sunday after working all day (for the 4th day straight and yep I have to work on Sunday every now and then, it's kind of a bummer.), and the house was a mess. Aaron did unload the dishwasher just like I asked him to though. That was about the only clean surface in the house...Aaron was really craving some cookies and he reminded me how mine are the best ever (yeah right, he just didn't want to make them) and maybe I could make some...Not what I felt like doing at all. But then I thought back to a compliment-the best one ever, in my whole life-that he gave me a few weeks ago. Let me take you back to that moment. I had to work one evening and got home later than usual. That is when Aaron told me he was going to figure something out because he didn't want me to have to work. Here is the best compliment ever, in the history of the world...are you ready? He said he wanted me to stay at home because, and I quote: "it is just better when you are here." Simple words that seriously spoke to my soul as a mother and homemaker. Even though I sometimes leave the clean clothes folded in the basket rather than putting them in the dresser, it is better when I am here. Even though I am notorious for waiting until 5:29 to figure out what is for dinner at 5:30, it is better when I am here. Wow. You mean what I do is important? I always thought is was...well hoped it was...really I just hoped someone would notice I scrubbed the toilet! And guess what they do. They notice. And they miss it....Any way since he said that and when I have the energy I try to be the wife and mother and homemaker I always wanted to be. So, after Jake went to sleep I started making cookies. The kitchen was already a mess and I made more of a mess. See, I even took a picture..after the bad part of the story took place. (For documentations show the effort was there...)

I felt so good. I was making it better because I was home! They came out looking a little different than they usually do, but no problem cookies never really look the same. Then Aaron excitedly ate one. And he made a face...Not a good face either. He said they didn't taste right...they tasted..floury. I looked at the bag of flour I found at the back of the top cabinet, because the container it is usually kept in is empty...The flour expired in in September of 2008...I will try to "make it better when I am here" again once the house is back in order and I have the energy...for now I am going with-it's the thought that counts!