Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Rest of September...

I really need to post pictures as I take them. I am going to work on that...I am also going to remember to load the pictures from the bottom up so they don't come out backwards! Here is the rest of September...backwards!

"Wacky Wednesday" is the last Wednesday of the month at Jake's school. Basically that means breakfast for lunch! I took the girls today to eat "wacky" with Jake. This is as we were leaving.

Jake and Bella

Bella's famous picture "smile"!

Jake and Sophia

Jake's classmate, Jake, took this of us. There are 2 Jake's and 1 Jacob in his class. It is strange that they all ended up in one class. There are 4, 3rd grade classes-you think they would spread them around!

Aaron was in charge of the treat for Family Home Evening. M&M popsicles!

Jake's open house at school was last night and I forgot my camera! I took this picture when we got home. We were asked to send in an outfit and when we got to Jake's classroom-there he was sitting in his chair! Very cute idea!

Jake and Bella playing with Play Dooh

The ice cream truck that came many times over the summer. We decided to get it one more time before we moved for the memories. This is the same night Aaron came home with the M&M popsicles. I bet the whole box cost less than 2 things from the ice cream truck. It is expensive!

We are packing and it is so fun!...I love it when the house looks like this...Actually it totally DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

We packed the garage on Saturday. Aaron found an old pair of safety/sunglasses and gave them to Jake. Nice look for you Jake!

Emily was actually sleeping like this as I was on the computer. I woke her up when I got the camera. How is that comfortable? She is actually sleeping about 3 feet a way right now with her tongue sticking out...

Jake and Bella. They really are great friends...

Jake packing himself! There is no chance we would forget him!

A couple attempts at a picture of the 3 amigos.

Jake is a great helper and Sophia loves him!