Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!

Luckily it seems to have given up a break and it is a beautiful day!!! I mentioned that is has been raining like crazy for the past week and a half and the pictures below are what we woke up to today. We live right across the street from Tap Root Dairy Farm and I love to see the cows! The smell we get on occassion, not so much. But any way,they have two very large fields on either side of the road our neighborhood is off. These field are now lakes! The road was partially covered yesterday now it is under water. Our two minute drive to school is now an almost 20 minute drive!

Bella and Sophia waiting patiently as I took a few quick pictures!

See how the road reappears? Right up that hill is Jake's school.

Our nice new lake!

The news happened to be leaving when I got there.

I wonder how long the road will be closed...And wouldn't you know that today was picture day and I forgot to put the form and check in Jake's folder! Luckily I realized that before making it all the way back home!