Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Playing Catch up! Some of August and September...

This is some of what has been going on...I will get back to the big trip up North again eventually. Right now I am going to try to catch up on ever day life!

*We got Jake a little $4 planner from Target to keep track of projects and chores and he loves it. I couldn't resist taking a picture of him using it for the first time. It works (worked) great! (We haven't even looked at it the past week and a half...but those first couple weeks went great. Why is it so hard to keep up with my brilliant ideas to keep our home running smoother?

*After the first day of school (yep that is how behind I am...School started 8/25..) we stopped by $1 Cone to get an ice cream. Jake had a great first day. I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, and in these pictures I hadn't even taken a shower yet! I got a lot done and even though I wish Jake was home with me everyday it is nice to have the house to myself on occasion to hit the To Do list head on!

*On Friday 8/27 I brought in a cookie cake to Jake and his class. He decided he wanted to sit outside and eat lunch with just me. He says if he had any friends come out he would talk to them too much and miss spending that time with me. I am so glad he hasn't hit the "I don't want to hang out with you any more" stage yet.
Jake and Corey
Jake and his teacher
What was left of it after serving all 28 kids in Jake's class...That's a big class.

Jake and Me...My hair is looking really sad in this picture...
We saved the best piece for the Jakester. (No he didn't eat it all in one sitting...It is 2 giant cookies with frosting in the middle.)
The receptionist and vice principal singing a birthday song to Jake and giving him his special b-day pencil.

*On Friday afternoon Jake and I went and saw "Despicable Me" (Aaron was still in training at the time and was working 2nd shift so he missed out) and it was hysterical! For Jake's birthday breakfast on Saturday he requested bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits. He wanted to open his gifts first thing because he always seems to have to wait until late in the day for parties or whatever. So, after Aaron got home from helping to start roofing a lady at church's roof (that doesn't look right at that how it's spelt? It's been a long day...) at about 9ish we opened all 9 of his gifts. They weren't all "things". Each gift was numbered and he got to pick which order he wanted to open them-with out seeing them. #2 was for us to tell funny stories about Jake growing up...There were a couple of creative ones, but that was almost a month ago and I can't actually remember what they were...that is pretty sad. But it was fun! We pretty much just hung out and enjoyed the day after that.

*(Big jump from Jake's b-day to Aaron's...I am sure lots of awesome stuff happened in between but I can't put my finger on the specific's right now...)We went to Spartanburg the weekend of Aaron's b-day (HAPPY 34Th AARON!) and had fun with the family. Riannon was running for student body president and we made some really cute posters and SHE WON!!!! You go girl!!!! We also had cake to celebrate Aaron's birthday...Which was great because I didn't get to go grocery shopping (I know that sounds weird since I work at a grocery store, but I have to leave work exactly at 2:00 to get Jake and don't always feel like going back after!) and all I had for a treat for Aaron's actual b-day (Sept. 19th) was Hershey Kisses I dipped in peanut butter...Seriously that is all I had...Usually we go all out for birthdays but this year...not so much. When you are a Mom and you work outside the home something has to give and that is one of those things this year. We went for simple, quality time together. Here are some pic's from the trip down to Sparkle City:

*I have been really enjoying my new schedule at work. Since Jake started back to school I have only worked one Saturday. My manager has taken pity on our family I think. When I told her my hours would have to change with Aaron working full time and going to school full time she said how that was going to be so hard. It is much easier with a great manager who understands needing family time on the weekends. :) Only one bad note. I thought I was off the hook for U-Scan with my new hours. (U-Scan was open 11-7 and I could only work 8-2) Lucky for me (extreme sarcasm), they decided to change the hours from 9-9. The first shift is 9-2! Perfect... for me to work every day of the week while Jake is at school...But I am not complaining!!! Not many part time employees get treated as good as they have treated me! So ignorant U-Scanners hit me with your best shot! I will watch you swipe your debit card in the crack in the side of the machine with out wanting to pull my hair out and I will show you that you actually swipe it in the same exact thing you would at the regular check out!

*Poor Aaron is trying really hard to get used to his new work schedule. He has Monday and Wednesday nights off-the rest of the week he works 10pm to 6am. The beginning of the week with one night on, then off, (then on...) is the easy part. The end of the week with is the tough part. It is going to take a while to get used to but he is surviving. School is going pretty good too.