Monday, September 27, 2010

Some of My Favorite People Live in Virginia (for a little while at least), Part 2: The Powells

We were lucky enough to spend a little over a week (split between on the way up to Vermont and on the way back down to NC) , in DC with Tina's (my sis) family and we had a blast. I already posted our trip into DC, but I had to post some of the other fun things we did while we were there. It is always a treat when the Powell's are in the US for training because Jake loves spending time with his cousins and so do I! We had fun doing all sorts of things. Saku had a store, Sam wanted to have a restaurant so all the cousins worked together to create a wonderful cafe, we had a photo shoot at the Picture People, we made forts for Ben 10 toys, went on bike rides, made a big mess while trying to organize, and even home schooled the kiddos (I am jealous that Tina is home schooling her kids!), Allen and Tina went on a date to the Temple, and Tina and I went to the Temple....In other words we had a blast and can't wait to see you guys again! Thanks for letting us invade your home for so long! And do I even need to say this? These pictures are not in order! :).....My computer is uploading my pictures FAST, so will I just kept adding them until it slows down to normal snail speed! Nee and Papa you are going to love this post! I am going to print these pictures and send them to you guys...It is has been on my To Do list for about a month now...

Jake opening an early birthday gift from the Powell's. It was an awesome book on the periodic table that Jake was so excited to get! (Sam has one and they pretended they were different elements with powers. They have great imaginations!)
A surprise ice cream cake to celebrate Jake's b-day early. In this picture Jake hasn't figured out who they are singing happy birthday too...
Eating Taco Bell after getting the kiddos pictures taken to surprise Nee and Papa.

aOn Tuesday nights kids eat free at IHOP so we decided to take advantage of it!

wTina and Ben outside their condo.
Playing under the tree
Climbing the tree after a bike ride.
Eating dinner at Sam's cafe
Jake was the host at the cafe. He is carrying a clip board with a seating chart and we even made menus.
Preparing for the dinner using team work.
Anika buying back her stuff that Saku got for her room to sell in his store. :)
These are seriously out of order...Sam rolling the silverware in cloth napkins for the cafe.
Saku racking in the dough at his store.
Jake and Sam finalizing their purchases at Saku's store.
Tina and me at the DC Temple.
Playing Mario Kart on the Wii.
Waiting for the first official customers to arrive at Sam's Cafe.