Monday, September 27, 2010

Some of My Favorite People Live in Virginia, Part 1: The VA Harmon's :)

(Yes, it's true I am still trying to catch up on our vacation...)
Jake and I started out our trip north by stopping in Virginia and spending a couple of days with Mike (Aaron's older bro), Teri (sis-in-law), Sara, Kayla, and Megan. It was so fun seeing them and hanging out. We swam in their pool (yes I am JEALOUS!!!), watched Kayla's softball game, and LAUGHED A LOT! We pretty much just goofed off and it was so awesome. I wish that they were my neighbors because they are so much fun to be with. We miss you and love you and can't wait to see you again!!!!! (These pictures are in no particular order...surprise, surprise!)

Mike is the girls B-ball coach at SVU (Southern Virginia University) and he took us on a tour. It has changed a lot since Tina was a student there 13+ years ago!
Jake and his beautiful cousins enjoying the pool.
Random hanging out picture. (Teri, I could have sworn I made you get in a picture but it was no where to be found! Mom's never end up in very many pictures...)
Megan and Jake swimming
And jumping in...We took several (hundred) shots like this to get the perfect one. It was one of the only times I didn't have to beg my models to pose. They kept saying: take one of us doing this. They had a blast and I did too. :)