Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some of My Favorite People Live in Vermont, Part Two: Grampa Smith

Grampa Smith is definitely one of my favorite people. Most of my "best days ever" as a child (and as a grown up!) have him in it. I feel so blessed that Jake has been able to have Grampa Smith in his life growing up and making memories just like I did. Grampa built Camp 52 (is that right?...) years ago and we are now 3 generations into a beautiful tradition. My mom has memories from her childhood of the magic that is Camp, and so do I. And now Jake does too. I think of the sacrifice and hard work that went into Camp every time I am there...And even when I am not. I will forever be grateful for Grampa having a vision of what Camp could be and creating it for us to enjoy. I wonder if he thought about the generations of our family that his work and efforts would touch? I will have to ask him...

When I think of Grampa Smith, I think of: being pulled behind his snow mobile on a tabogun (how in the world do you spell that? spell check isn't even helping!) sled, him pulling us around the lake behind the boat, pontoon boat rides, driving (and talking) from VT to NC-just him and me, taking him to a Hornets game, the cut on his head from trying to sneak pie after everyone else went to sleep, Camp (of course!!), his joy in family and being a part of his great grandchildren's lives...I could go on and on. When I look around my house I see evidence of him everywhere. He is an amazing craftsmen and wood worker. He made the hope chest in our bedroom. The jewelry box (that is now Jake's treasure box) and awesome White Birch tree candle stick holders in Jake's room. A cocoa table (when Jake was little he asked why it was a coffee table since we don't drink coffee...He renamed it the cocoa table. Love that kiddo!) and end table...Again, I could go on and on, but I beat you can see why I said he is amazing! I will stop bragging that I have the best Grampa in the world now and show you some pictures of the great times we got to spend with Grampa Smith at Camp this summer....

Jake and Grampa working on a bird feeder that Aunt Sheila (another favorite person you will hear about another time...) brought over to Camp.

Our first boat ride of 2010!

Me and Jake riding on a bowl shaped inner tube. Guess who is pulling us? Grampa. :)

A view of Camp...and Jake making our dinner over the fire with Grampa looking on. Grampa spent several nights with us and we were so glad he did!

Another night of roasting marsh mellows. Next year we are only going to pack like 3 outfits (2 grubbies for Camp and 1, a little nicer for leaving Camp) and a bathing suit. As you can see from the pictures we end up wearing the same clothes all week because we spend most of our time in our bathing suits! Jake's tie dyed Glen Marlow Elementary shirt is featured on two different occasions in these pictures...and I think he wore it another day too...
This is the slumber party, fire killer night. Grampa spent the night too but he missed out on the shadow puppets because we were all upstairs and he was sleeping on the screened in porch (which is heaven! I slept out there 2 nights.) on his bed.

I love this picture.

And this one...Jake took it for us.

A photo shot of 3 generations. Mom, next summer when you are back from your mission we will get all 4 generations! (Gotta love the timer on cameras. What a great invention!)