Sunday, September 5, 2010

Public School Blues....

Yes, I am up at almost 1:00 in the morning blogging about this...I can't sleep. Aaron is working. Jake has been sleeping. I have been praying,searching, asking for advice, crying, and praying some more. I am feeling the public school blues big time...I was so excited for my first chance to help out in Jake's class room...Lets just say it didn't happen and Jake's teacher scared me and several other mothers with her rudeness...Does she talk to the sweets kiddos in her class like that? Probably...I am sure she is awesome...She just wasn't being very awesome that day...Kind of an important day to be awesome, the first time having parents in the class room, if you ask me. Just in case she is searching the internet for blogs posted by wary mothers (see I am paranoid), I will not get into the details. I am praying, searching,and trying to be positive again (notice that I didn't say "stay positive"? I am way past that stage already...8 days into school). Say a little prayer for our family, won't you please?