Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The pain in my foot

I have to tell a quick story before getting to the point of writing this post. A little background if you will. On Monday while Jake was at school I moved the furniture around in his room. My parents house is a charming historic home. My dad pointed out when we set up Jake's room that the windows are drafty and we may not want to put his bed right next to the windows, but Jake liked it that way so we figured we would try it out. Well, Papa G. you were right and it is like the wind was blowing right onto Jake's bed. So I moved it all around on Monday. Jake came home, thought it was great, and then we decided to hang up a few posters. There was one that was supposed to go above the windows. As I got ready to stand on the already partially broken chair (one of the rungs on the legs was popped out and won't stay in so it was a matter of time...) I heard a voice in my head saying "don't stand on the chair". I like to refer to this voice as the Holy Ghost, but at the time I thought it is only going to take a second and I was just being paranoid (I do that some times). Then as I was standing on the chair and I felt it shake and that voice said "get down", but I thought just one more sec...AHHHHH! Picture me in slow motion falling down as the chair topples over, Jake is screaming "MOMMY!" in the background. I am catching myself with my right foot-hey maybe this won't be so bad after all..Oh wait a second..(remember this is all slow motion) I think the chair is broken but no it isn't...oh it is because my left foot just smashed right through one of the legs and literally breaks them off the chair. I then land on my butt but all I can feel is pain on the ball of my foot. And Jake is next to me asking if I am okay. Okay so this story isn't quick. At any rate I don't think it is broken but I have a large black and blue across the arch and ball of my foot and I have been wearing Jake's soccer slipper ever since. He thought it would help and he was so right! It hurts (a lot) to walk without it but when I have it on it hardly hurts at all. It is too small, but that is the part that works. It makes my heel hit the ground and holds up the part that is bruised. That is how I know Jake loves me. He just had to help, he was about in tears. At first I told him I didn't think the slipper would help and said no. But then I saw that look in his eyes that he needed to do something to help. This proves two things. First: Jake loves me a lot. I love you buddy. Second: I would obviously be awesome at Karate.