Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jake and "the babies"

I can't believe I didn't post these before! I wanted to get a good picture of Jake and "the babies" (the girls we babysat in Asheville) before we moved. I even went out and bought the girls some cute (and on sale/cheap-I love Target!) outfits for it. But with the horrible camera I was using before, I kept missing the smiles or everyone looking at me because it hesitated so much. These are a few of them. None really frame worthy but all classics! I love the last one...I miss my sweet girls!
Jake was asking me if I missed Bella the other day (yes I do!!! And Sophia too!) and told me I must not care as much as he does because he wants to go visit her asap. He forgets that life gets busy and everything costs money. Oh, to be 8 and not have those worries!