Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elizabeth made me do it!

On Friday Elizabeth and I had a girls day. We went to consignment shops and she tried to convince me it is okay to buy used shoes...I can't do it. We found some cute stuff for her little ones though. Jake has way too many clothes for me justify buying him anything else! Plus when they move into the "big kids" section it is hard to buy clothes a head of time like I did when he was little. I have actually had to pass on unused clothes because he grew more than I thought he would.

What girls day is complete without some good old fashion redneck fake nails!? (over Thanksgiving I told my sister-in-laws I have been wanting to get them. They would laugh to know I did if either of them actually read my blog! :)) Elizabeth talked me into it. I didn't want to pay $25 so she reminded my that she owed me money for buying her New Moon ticket..So we did it and it is so fun! Elizabeth had one nail that she asked the lady if she could fix after. The cute little Asian lady told her "dat your nail, dat not my nail!" It was so funny! Apparently Elizabeth has on nail that you can't do anything for! :)