Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy week at school before CHRISTMAS BREAK!! YIPPEE!

It was a busy week at school before Christmas Break! My dad, Aaron (he is home for good finally! He got here last Tuesday night after getting laid off. We knew it was coming and Aaron is going to get unemployment and is all enrolled in 18 credit hours at UNCC starting in Jan. I folks will be looking for a part time job...Scary..), and I got to go to Jake's school on Wednesday and have a special Christmas lunch with Jake. It was $5 a piece (besides Jake he was free-how kind of them) for a cafeteria feast!

On Friday Jake had a poetry reading and Christmas party. The whole class got to read 3 of their poems and they all did great. Jake's poems were called "Camp" (the house on the lake my grandfather built when my mother was a child. We try to go every summer and we LOVE IT!), Snakes, and "The Golden Bird". He did great and we are so proud of him! We brought him home early to wait for Nee to get home from Uruguay and avoid the bad weather that never made it out way.