Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Jake is in his room listening to "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson.  He has a homeschooling Literary Club meeting today.  It's not run by the library, just held there.  It is run by a homeschooled high school girl who apparently likes classics-which I think is bloody brilliant (I may be typing this in a British accent...so yo may want to read it that way). Jake started going last year and several meetings in found out it was supposed to be for high schoolers.  But in true homeschool fashion the girl who leads it said she didn't care what grade people where in if they could read, comprehend, and discuss the book.  That is the kind of academic rebellion you just don't see in public school.  :)  This book club has no parent involvement-just a group of homeschoolers that meet in the teen room and discuss a book...and now, back to the book.  On Friday I asked Jake if he had gotten an email about when the book club was starting back up.  He checked his emails (which he rarely does, and low and behold it was starting today.  We went to the library and got out the book and he read a chapter over the weekend...Just a chapter.  We were busy-I will give him that.  So, this morning (he read a little Sunday night and then for maybe 15 yesterday.  Yard work, Daddy was home, holiday...all good excuses) he got to reading it and realized he wasn't going to get it done in time.  We found it on Amazon for free on the Kindle and got it so he could finish it (he read half of it) by listening to it.  This will not be the norm.  School can't be just reading (or so I have been told but I am not sure I really believe that) you have to do math problems and write things and all that kind of stuff.  But I am all for a reading day every now and then.  So, while Jake is reading/listening (again-not the norm.  I enjoy a good audio book occasionally, but something about it seems like you are cheating) I have been rereading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  I love Harry Potter.  I love J.K. Rowling.

But any way, the point is that I realized I am supposed to be cleaning my room (our room but you know what I mean right Aaron) but I am reading Harry Potter instead.  As a child I can't say I ever got in trouble for reading rather than cleaning my room.  In trouble for not cleaning my room, yes-but reading instead?  I don't think so.  And I am not really getting in trouble-I mean I am the mom...but it struck me a little funny that I am a 38 year old (wow I haven't really said my age much since I turned 38...usually the even years make me feel a little better but not this time...) stay at home mom who is reading Harry Potter and not cleaning my room....and what pops into my head after I chuckle about doing something that seemingly a ten year old would be scolded for?...This: 

Well said Severus Snape.  Well said. 

{Jake just let me know that even listening to it he will not be done in time....Oh well he still wants to go to book club and he still has to finish it.  It is on his 8th/9th grade reading list.  I know this because I am the one who made the list and I just added Kidnapped to it.}

Jake and Jake's future wife:  Please let me be the one to read Harry Potter to your children. :)