Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A visit with Sara with no h.

I feel like I have posted this already...Have I? I looked back and didn't see it so here goes (again?...maybe)! I guess this is what happens when you don't stay on top of documenting memories!

"Sara with no h" is our oldest niece.  When she was little I gave her a Christmas gift and on the tag I wrote "Sarah" and in her little tiny voice she said, "but Carrie you know my name doesn't have a "h" on it!"  I never forgot that again and I will never forget it.  Sara is now 23...is that right?  I am pretty sure 23 not 24...Either way that makes me feel really old.  Sara is now officially a grown up, living in DC and starting a life full of grown up adventures.  Before she moved she came down for a visit and we go to spend a couple of days with her.  We went swimming at Jaxson's pool and had lunch at CiCi's pizza.  The next day Nana, Pat, Sara, and I went shopping on one of the famous Tuesday shopping trips.  Nana and Pat go just about every Tuesday and we got to tag along.  It was so fun and Nana even surprised us by contributing to our wardrobes.  Here are a few pictures of the fun we had.

We love you Sara with no h and hope all your dreams come true as you start this new adventure in your life!