Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Depression Recipes and ramblings...

We are reading (and loving!...but not seeming to find enough time to read as it as much as we want too!!!) To Kill A Mocking Bird and we are going to then go on and read The Grapes Of Wrath.  So, I decided why not just do a unit study on the Great Depression!  Why not pile on more to the list of school work!  That is just what I do people. 

I found this adorable lady named Clara, who is 94 years old and obviously lived through the Great Depression.
She does videos on You Tube and cooks food that got her family through the depression.  She apparently has a cook book that I need to check out, but for now we have watched a few of her videos and she is delightful.  She is in her little kitchen cooking food and telling little stories about her life.  You need to look her up-you will not be disappointed.  It is an amazing way to document family history, and history that can't be rewritten if it is well documented! 

We watched these videos because we (I and Jake agreed) decided to make some meals that American's would have eaten during this dark time in our history.  Jake jumped right in and decided to pick the menu and cook it himself-with a little help and a few lessons learned.  Example-when baking, don't measure your ingredients over the bowl of ingredients.  Do it to the side so you don't have to start over!  Now please don't read this and pick on him about it when you see him.  I am documenting memories and lessons for posterity-not fueling anyone's fire to pick.  He was pretty bummed out to have to start over and that he "wasted so much!".  I reminded him that we are lucky to have an abundance of flour and sugar in our lives and it was no big deal to start over.  In the depression they couldn't have done that!  We are blessed for the time we are born in-even with the trials and tribulations of our days. 

Jake invited Nee (Papa G. couldn't make it) and Aunt Sheila to the meal and we watched part of a documentary about the Great Depression.  We are going to do another recipe for lunch some time next week so Nana and Papa be expecting an invitation to try some old and time tested recipes. 

Today's menu was Wacky cake (a cake that has no eggs or milk in it.  It actually has vinegar in it) and "Poor Man's Meal".  Both are recipes that you may have had before but may not have known that they grew out of a need to fill tummy's during the drepression.

 There was a spill (no one saw when it happened but Jake had something all over his shirt so it happened!) that happened and a shirt was changed.

We had a loooonnnggg school day today because of this little project-but it was worth it!

We started the day with PE at 7:15 this morning
 Jake was working hard and going fast (and I was walking on the treadmill while trying to take the picture...) so it was blurry.  After that we cooled down while I read Jake some facts about the Great Depression and he finished up his art project.

 Then while he was doing math and vocabulary I ran a couple of quick errands and found these on the side of the road-for free!!!  And meet a couple of very sweet ladies in the process.
After the project we got back to the books and did a bunch of science...and tons of other things I can't remember at this moment.  We got done with Jake practicing the guitar at a little before 5.  Some days are long but most days are not.  I will say this: the longer the day the more this Mom needs to type.  It is a releassssssse.  To bad I am too tired to have any words that make much since.  Homeschooling is a blessing even if it is sometimes disguised by grumpy, tired, bouts of chaos!  We are the lucky ones!