Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Since Jake turned 13...through this past weekend.

So in other words this is a week and a few days in review. :)

My Dorks have been geekin' out playing the Star Wars card game that Aaron got Jake for his birthday.
It took them several hours to understand all the rules.  This included watching videos, reading, and playing through making mistakes.
Sadie has been as precious as ever of course.
I mean look at that face!  How could you not love this dog?
Aaron taught Jake how to use the weed eater.
Jake and Nee showed Aunt Sheila some fun Wii games...
...while we waited to have our Sunday-before-Labor-Day-Dinner.
The men grilled the meat.
And after dinner there was more Wii playing.
The best part was watching Mom coach Aunt Sheila through Mario Kart.

I made Jake lunch in bed.  Just because.
I moved the desk and the...
...bench and decided this whole wall, floor to ceiling, will be covered with pictures..eventually.
While eating a delicious hot dog I started on to book two, The Chamber of Secrets, of my rereading of the Harry Potter series.  This time I am reading them with pencil in hand.  I love to underline my favorite parts, quotes, etc.  And some time soon I am going to finish spray painting my chairs...including starting to spray paint this one.
Now that Jake turned 13 (and got over his cold) I have a new work out buddy!  Yippee! 
A plant, a pile of library books on the Great Depression, and Jake reading...In other words a random moment in time...I love it.
One last picture of our retro side table before I updated the color to fit better in the green family of our living room.

I love my dining room.  It may be my favorite room.  I clipped some of my philodendron's and I have them in water to grow some roots and fill some more pots.
I kind of love them just like this.  We may end up with millions of house plants.
I got this scarf ages ago and my neck doesn't do scarves in the summer.  That is just stupid.  I live in the South-I don't need to add to the chance of heat stroke!!!  I am waiting impatiently for Fall to wear this adorable scarf...
...and all my other scarves that feel very neglected.  Soon my friends...soon...
I am very glad that Sadie's ears don't stick up.  I looked down and saw this and thought she looked very tough and mean.  I like her sweet hangy downy ears much better.
AAAAAAHHHHHHH!  We have finally found our pizza place.  Thank you Mom for suggesting Yanni's.  It is heavenly...Jake and I texted this to Aaron when we picked it up and he was very happy.  And yes, it tastes as good as it looks. :)
 This picture is of my crazy kid when he thought it was a dumb idea to take a picture of him all sweaty and dirty after working hard (for several days over the summer at the Mather's house.  They have a very steep backyard and they needed some wood hauled and stacked and they hired Jake) and earning his first $100!!!  I am posting this as a lesson for all those who fight against my picture taking.  I will take and then post pictures you do not like if you do not cooperate.  :)
 So I showed him the picture and he laughed but told me to erase it-so I told him I wouldn't post it...on Facebook.  He decided cooperating was in his best interest.  After 13 years you think he would know the drill!  This is Jake with his first brand new Ben Franklin.

Sadie was very happy for Jake and congratulated him for his hard work. 
Aaron was thrilled that his old buddy Norb called him and invited him to the Gamecocks game this past Saturday.  They had a great time watching the Gamecocks win their first home game!!!!
Sadie is a cuddler.  When I am sitting on the couch I pat my lap and she jumps up-careful to leave her back legs on the ground since she isn't allowed on the couch.  She seriously loves to hug.

And kiss.
On Sunday we spent the afternoon watching the Panthers, sans Cam Newton-who was out with broken ribs, beat the Buccaneers....and eating a fruit pizza.  I think this is the last things I will miss from summer (I am over everything else!):  fresh, delicious berries....
I said I was going to do a better job keeping up on documenting our memories...I am working on it.  I am actually working on it while listening to our idiot President (yes I said it.  It is my blog.  I can say it) address the country about what he is going to do about the terrorist group ISIS or ISIL.  He is pretty much useless....But we still live in the best country in the world no matter how hard this president seems to want to weaken it.  Tomorrow is an anniversary that I dread every year....but especially this year for some reason.  I am praying for our country harder than ever tonight.  I can agree with one thing Obama just said, that many others have said before him.  May God Bless America.