Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I guess I never posted about this...

 How did I never post that Jake and I picked the hottest day (up to that point in the summer) to go and watch the Panthers at their training camp that is in Spartanburg every summer.  It was hot but that gave us a good excuse to buy awesome Panthers hat to block the sun...

We got Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the way and parked in the wrong parking lot so we had to hike a mile.

We saw Super Cam!  The Panthers amazing quarterback Cam Newton.  It was so fun!  And hot!  Did I mention the hot?

The picture above shows the need for a hat I mentioned and this picture shows just how awesome it looked with Aaron's jersey that he let Jake wear.

These people were pros.  We took notes on there set up and are going to be ready for next summer.  You should have seen this mans face as they were packing up and walking by us.  Pure happiness in his smile.  He must be predicting a great year for the Panthers.  I swear I posted this already...Did I post about this?  Did I say it was hot?

This is just a random cute picture of my Jakers.
 Aaron was excited that night at dinner when I gave him the early anniversary present...
 ...and he gave me one too!  Yay!  How did he know I wanted one? :)
I really feel like I have posted this...may be I dreamt about it.  Oh well.  We are all ready for the season with new hats.  I keep telling my guys that we need to take a picture together with our hats on but it hasn't happened yet...It will...soon.